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Travel Tip:  Only list your name and flight number on your outer luggage tag! When you’re traveling your personal safety should be the top priority at all times. Especially when traveling solo.  Keep reading to learn why this is now strongly suggested.

No one and everyone is watching at the airport!
No one and everyone may be watching at the airport! Protect yourself and your privacy.

We recently read a horrible story on about a lawsuit against a major airline and former employee that harassed a woman/passenger via text after obtaining her cell phone number from her luggage tag.  The harassment began as she was waiting for her flight to board and then continued during the flight.

The text messages started off as compliments but then turned disturbing, creepy and stalker-ish.  Click here to read the chilling messages for yourself.

One of my fellow travel bloggers Roni Faida aka @thetravelguru made a great suggestion after sharing this article. Roni suggests that you only list your name and flight number on outer luggage tags. Your full contact information (name, phone number, email) should be printed and placed inside your luggage for emergency contact purposes. 

To add a luggage tag or not? Inquiring minds want to know.

Great tip!  I would NEVER list my home address (for safety reasons while you’re traveling and when you return home). Keep in mind the airline already has that information especially if you are a rewards member.  So, there’s no need to list it as emergency contact info printed inside your luggage. 

Grab that cute, adorable luggage tag that you love so much and change the information right now before you forget.  Just list your name on it!  When you check-in for future flights, use the ones at the counter to list your current flight number and name. 

What information is printed on your luggage tag?  Do you have a cute, fancy luggage tag or just use the ones the airlines provide?

Happy & Safe Travels!

Kirstin aka ‘The Travelin Diva’

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