Pack This: Fab Faux Fur Slide!

We’ve found a travel faux fur slide similar to Rihanna’s Fenty-Puma Faux Fur Slide!

We love discovering and sharing cool items that you can use in your personal and business travels.  The one we’re sharing today was inspired by @BadGalRiRi herself…Rihanna!  Last year she revealed an addition to her Fenty-Puma collection that quickly sold out and became a hit with everyone including the celeb set, world athletes and travelers.  We’re talking about Rihanna’s super popular Fenty-Puma Faux Fur Slide!

Get ready for summer!!!! #THEFURSLIDE will be available on on April 22 at 10am  #FENTYXPUMA

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She makes them look gorgeous lol! 

(image from  Rihanna’s official @badgalriri Instagram page)

Everyone loved them and they literally sold out in minutes.  I didn’t pay attention because I figured they were way out of my price range (lol).  The slides are still popular and I see them everywhere.  People are shopping in them, dropping kids off to school in them and even wearing them in the TSA line at airports (lol).

Cute, on trend and totally affordable!

While shopping in Walmart of all places, I saw a knock off pair and decided to take the plunge.  OMG! I now fully understand why people are wearing these faux fur slides everywhere.  They are super comfortable!  Really they are totally comfortable and I wear them all day, everyday when I’m working from home.

Walmart’s faux fur slide is cute and comfy! #trustme

Grab yourself a pair or two (I will be returning to Walmart to buy 2 more pairs cause I need backups in my life…lol) and use them as…

  • Perfect hotel/travel slipper!  If you don’t have a hotel/travel slipper you definitely need one.  Most hotels don’t provide a complimentary pair and you never want to walk around your hotel room barefoot. Who knows when they shampoo’d the carpets last? (lol)  These are lightweight and won’t take up much space in your luggage, so grab a pair just for your travels.  I’m going to leave a pair in my luggage just for my travels.
  • Comfy house shoe/slipper.  They are super comfortable, cute, stylish and on trend.  I got tired of slipping on my ceramic tile and hardwood floors so these are the perfect house shoe/slipper.

Visit your local Walmart store and pick up a few pair today.  There were only $6! When I bought mine they were also available in fab beige color.  If you just have to have the Rihanna version, click here to buy!  They are currently available for women and men in 3 cool colors.  The colors are:  Bay-Puma Silver, Orchid-Bloom (my favorite) and Cool-Blue Puma Silver.  Be warned they will set you back a cool $90.

Tag us on Instagram @Passenger156 so we can see how cute you look in your faux fur slides or house/travel slippers!

Be Happy.  Be Fabulous.  Be Well Traveled.

By The Travelin Diva ~ Kirstin N. Fuller


Author: The Travelin Diva

Self proclaimed 'Travelin Diva,' Kirstin is a DC native and graduate of Howard University! Pursuing her dreams in 2007, Kirstin launched the travel magazine Reservations Travel Guide which led her to start the fabulous travel blog to showcase the latest travel news, innovative travel products and the worlds' hottest destinations and deals. Be Happy. Be Fabulous. Be Well Traveled.

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  1. I thought the original ones would be way more than $90. I’ve been seeing these everywhere. They don’t look comfortable. I’m glad you were able to find an alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

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    • I thought I saw somewhere that the originals were $750, that’s why I never looked them up. Glad I was wrong. Still not paying $90 for a pair. They don’t look comfy but they are so comfy it’s unbelievable! lol

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  2. I’ve seen this slippers all around. I am a flip flops gal so I would rock this to dress up my slippers look. LOL. I am sure they are great for a trip especially after long days of walking or to walk in.

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  3. $6!!! Girl, as much as I’m in Walmart, I’ve never paid attention to these. I’m going to find me some of these. Thanks!

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  4. I’ve been so busy fawning over her makeup collection, I completely missed these slides. Admittedly, I’m more of a heels girl but these are nice.

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    • I am stopping by Sephora today to see this makeup collection and support RiRi (lol). Over the holiday’s I’m going to hit up the Puma outlet stores and see if they have any of her slides marked down. #WatchingMyCoins lol

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  5. My daughter has been living in these this spring and summer. This is a great idea for traveling because I just hate walking on the room floors.

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  6. I have seen people wearing these around everywhere. I mean everywhere… even when we were in Morocco a few weeks ago. I see myself wearing them inside being fab with a nice silk robe.

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  7. Now I may have to check this out tomorrow!! I hope they aren’t gone! I usually pack slides when I travel because they are good for those times when you need to relax but be cute at the same time

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  8. There aren’t many things I do without my slides. They are always my first choice of footwear. Although I am TSA pre Check so i don’t remove my shoes I wear them.

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  9. I have seen these everywhere as well. I love a good deal, so glad you were able to find them at a much cheaper price. They look like slippers to me so they would be great to take on a trip to wear inside a hotel room or chilling at home. Yes go get more because you know you find product you like and either they run or not longer selling the product.

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  10. Oh hell yes! Thanks girl cause I was looking for a pair like those so I can pimp them out. And a try 6 you cannot beat it.

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  11. I’m so freakin lazy. I can’t even find a matching pair of my slippers at home. My kids play with them and throw them so much, I end up traveling with a fluffy pair of socks as slippers.

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