New Car Sharing Service Option…Car2Go!

Car2Go is a cool alternative to renting a car!

I recently attended an event and was introduced to a new car sharing service called Car2Go.  Car2Go gives you the fab car without the costs and responsibility of car ownership.  It’s similar to car rentals but with a twist.

It quite simply is a car at your fingertips, when and where you need it.  Need a car?  Simply open the app find one, use the app to unlock it, drive wherever you need to go and park it when you’re finished. It’s really that easy!

No reservations needed, no re-fueling and no worries.  There are a few fabulous perks when using the Car2Go service.  They include no monthly fees, free parking, no re-fueling costs or maintenance.  You don’t typically pay maintenance or monthly fees with traditional car rentals but you are responsible for parking costs while using ,fuel and insurance (optional or use your personal).

Take a look at the Car2Go service…

I really like the free parking perk.  For example if you’re driving a Car2Go vehicle in downtown DC you don’t have to feed the meter.  It’s already included in your fee. Click here for more information on the pricing.  #Winning #Fabulous   Another feature of the service that I like is that you don’t have to return the car to the original pick up point.  You leave it in a designated ‘home area’ near your location for someone else to use. Remember with traditional rental cars you have to return it to the agency or the airport where you picked it up.

The cars are pretty cool too!  The current fleet consists of smart cars, Mercedes Benz-GLA and Mercedes Benz-CLA.  The service is currently available in NYC, Portland, Columbus, Seattle, Denver, DC, and Austin.  It’s also available internationally in cities like Montreal, Hamburg, Madrid and Amsterdam to name a few.

It’s all about options and this is a cool option for your quick daily errands or short weekend road trips.  Sound like something you would like to try out for yourself?  Click here to sign up today! Join today for $5 and receive a $10 drive time credit.

** Rates vary depending on vehicle model and city.  Images by Kirstin N. Fuller**


Author: The Travelin Diva

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  1. Shoot, I’m sold by the fact that you don’t have to feed the meter in DC. DC parking can be a hassle so the perk of free parking is awesome!!!

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  2. I’m with Elle! Free parking, sold! I would definitely try the experience if I lived in one of those states. Thanks for sharing!.

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  3. Wow, I’ve never heard of this service but it sounds amazing. I’ll definitely have to look into it further!

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  4. This is so cool. I wish they had this service in Chicago. I would definitely be all this service if I didn’t have a car. You had me at not having to pay the meter! LOL

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  5. This is pretty cool! I have never heard of this service before. I’m going to check it out

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  6. Cool cars! Free parking is a great perk to get from renting a vehicle. Wish they had this in my neck of the woods.

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  7. A luxury car option is fabulous! I’ll have to check out the price differences.

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  8. Wow this is kinda cool and interesting. Free parking sounds great.

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  9. I’ve never done a car share. I live out in the country so having our own car is a must but if I lived in the city I definitely would because sometimes I get tired of driving. It would be perfect to use to attend events.

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  10. Wow. That’s a dope idea. I love all of these car sharing services its such a great way to save.

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