Don’t Throw Away Your Old Luggage!

Consider Doing Something Different With Your Old Luggage!

Your old faithful piece of luggage can still be of use to someone else and I’m going to tell you how. Keep reading. BTW…Happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged in a long time for personal reasons, but I’m Back!  I haven’t been motivated to write since being laid off in 2017, but I feel the need to get back to a few of my favorite things (as Oprah would say).  Let’s start with an easy way to give back with a travel twist.

Recently we came across a tip on social media that was fabulous, travel-related and worth sharing. It’s also a wonderful way to give back to the community and help a child in need.

Stop! Before you throw away that old piece of luggage consider donating it to a child in need.

Are you getting ready to do a little spring cleaning?   Don’t throw away that old piece of luggage.  Don’t take it to Goodwill either, instead…

Clean it up and drop it off at your local foster care agency. Foster kids are often asked to transport their belongings in trash bags. Donate your old luggage so a child can carry their belongings in a nice suitcase with a little dignity. This way they can have something that’s all theirs and move around with pride and dignity.

Don’t have an old piece of luggage that you can giveaway?  Go to Walmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Ross a purchase a new piece at an affordable price and then donate it to your local foster care agency.  Or buy a toiletry or cosmetic bag to use with a suitcase. Anything travel-related will help.

We can all help a child in need if we all do a little bit. For a list of agencies in your state, please visit the National Foster Care & Adoption Directory website www.

Thanks very much!

Happy Travels!

The Travelin Diva

Kirstin N. Fuller

Author: The Travelin Diva

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  1. This is an absolutely great idea! I will definitely buy a cosmetic/personal items case to go with the small pullman suitcase I donate. Love this idea!

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