Don’t Use This Parking Service at BWI Airport!

Update!  My Car Was Hit On Their Lot & They Did Nothing! No Security Guards or Security Cameras on Their Parking Lot.  

Park at your own risk! We I reported that my car had be hit and damaged, the staff was of NO help at all.  Your on your own. I WILL NEVER PARK MY CARS HERE AGAIN! 

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I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last year. I’ve visited Maine, Phoenix, North Carolina and Atlanta to name a few.  Most of these trips have involved air travel and me having to park my car at the airport.  When flying to Maine, I mistakenly let my travel agent book my flight out of Reagan National. Never again (lol)!  The daily parking rate was $25 per day.  Yes, $25 per day!  Never again, not on my dime (lol)!

Super affordable airport parking service at BWI airport!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That Price!

So, for all of my flights since the Maine trip in October, I’ve flown out of BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport) simply because the parking is super affordable.  My preferred parking option is EconoPark Express.  They charge, wait for it…$7.85 + $.60 (tax) daily (with coupon)!  So recently I spent $33.80 for 4 days.  If I had parked at Reagan-National for the same length of time, that would have been a cool $100.

What We Love About This Service!

Affordable airport parking!

Super affordable airport parking is a short drive away. The EconoPark shuttle picking up a customer at their car!

In addition to the service being super affordable, it’s also very close and convenient to the airport.  Other features of the service that we love include:

  • Reserve your parking spot! You can park at EconoPark without a reservation, but you run the risk of them being full.  I love being able to reserve a parking spot for my car.  I don’t like last-minute surprises when I’m trying to catch a flight.
  • Pick-up at your car. When you arrive, they nice helpful staff greet you and tell you where to park your baby.  There the shuttle picks you up.
  • Help with your luggage! When the shuttle picks you up they help you with your luggage.  It’s the little things that help (lol).
  • Free shuttle to the airport. No Uber/Lyft needed! EconoPark provides FREE 24/7 shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • Coupons! Save me some money (lol). Once you make your online reservation, you will be emailed a coupon to lower your daily rate to the $7.87. The regular rate without a reservation is $9.95 per day, which is still super affordable compared to others.
  • Frequent parker program! EconoPark even offers a ‘frequent parker’ rewards type program that allows you to earn free parking days. #Winning
  • Secured parking lot. #Crucial I love that my car is parked on a secured lot manned 24-hours by personnel.
  • Reminder cards! They also give you a little reminder card with your parking spot location (and description of your car) and information on where to catch the shuttle when you return.

They’ve also expanded to service the cruise ship port in Baltimore.  In order to stay savvy travelers, we must watch and budget our travel dollars.  So, the next time you book a flight and have to leave your car at the airport, check out the alternative parking options. Your wallet will thank you!

Visit for more information and/or to make your reservation today.

By Kirstin N. Fuller ~ The Travelin Diva

Author: The Travelin Diva

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  1. When we went to Cali. this is where my husband parked. He also had a coupon so for our 8 day trip we paid $64 to park. Our car was safe and we felt confident about leaving it in their secure lot.

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