Pack This: The Toothbrush Shield by IntelliDent!

The ‘Toothbrush Shield’ is your best friend!

The ‘Toothbrush Shield’ is an easy cost effective way to protect your toothbrush against germs. Photo credit: Kirstin N. Fuller

Let’s talk about your toothbrush, more specifically where your store your toothbrush (lol). Like everyone else, you’re probably storing it in a cup, on the sink in your bathroom. No worries, right?!  Wrong!  Storing your toothbrush on the counter exposes it to surface and airborne microbes.  How?  Well…when you flush the toilet, it can contaminate items within a 6 foot radius.  Let that sink in for a minute.

Is  a plastic cover is a better option. Wrong again (lol)!  Even in a plastic cover it’s exposed to harmful bacteria that breeds inside the cover.    Dang it! What are we supposed to do? ‘Toothbrush Shield’ to the rescue!  The ‘Toothbrush Shield’  is a breathable, quick drying shield that acts like a surgical mask for your toothbrush.  It gives your toothbrush a 99.9% protective barrier against airborne and surface bacteria.

How does it work?  It blocks microbes as it wicks away moisture creating a cleaner and healthier environment for storing your toothbrush.  As a result you’ll have a healthier mouth and teeth.

Each box comes with 10 disposable shields and they’re ideal for home and travel.  You can pick up ‘Toothbrush Shield’ at your favorite Walgreens, Harris Teeter and online by visiting  They cost $3 a box.  Currently on if you buy 2 boxes you a get a 3rd one free! #StockUp

IntelliDent also makes a fabulous shield for your mouth guards and retainers.  They’re good for 7 days then you have to replace it with a new shield.  It’s just that easy, you’ve gotta love it!  For more information or to order the mouth guard shield visit #Fabulous

**Made in the USA.  Women owned company.**

Be Happy.  Be Fabulous.  Be Well Traveled.

By The Travelin Diva ~ Kirstin N. Fuller

**I was provided the ‘Toothbrush Shield & Mouth Guard Shield’ by IntelliDent for review.  All opinions are my own.**


Author: The Travelin Diva

Self proclaimed 'Travelin Diva,' Kirstin is a DC native and graduate of Howard University! Pursuing her dreams in 2007, Kirstin launched the travel magazine Reservations Travel Guide which led her to start the fabulous travel blog to showcase the latest travel news, innovative travel products and the worlds' hottest destinations and deals. Be Happy. Be Fabulous. Be Well Traveled.

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  1. These are great. My mother keeps telling me I need to get a cover for my toothbrush. Maybe I will now lol.

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  2. This is an great product idea. Especially good for traveling.

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  3. One thing that has always concerned me about toothbrushes is how they are left out exposed to germs and other unhealthy particles. I’ve tried to use the plastic covers, but I know they don’t fully protect my family’s toothbrushes. I need to try Shield Intellident. I love that it has a “99.9% protective barrier against airborne and surface bacteria.” And you can’t beat the price!

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  4. I need these in my life!! I am always saying I need something to cover my toothbrush, especially when traveling or when my son goes for sleepovers. I just don’t feel like the little box things you put your toothbrush in is enough. I’m most def getting these! Thanks!

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  5. I can use these. My kids often like to put their traveling toothbrush with mine in a zip lock bag. They’re my kids but I told that that’s gross you need your own separate bag. This would remedy my dilemma.

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  6. Ive always thought it was weird people dont protect their toothbrushes just open to the air (especially the same air that share a toilet bowl). I think these toothbrush shield are awesome I currently use plastic ones.

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  7. This is such a cool concept! I’ll have to look into getting one the next time I travel!

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  8. We use covers at home but our travel toothbrush covers are a bit bulky. I like the idea that these are flat and don’t take up a lot of room.

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  9. Okay, I need this in my life! Not because I travel but I’m so picky about my toothbrush getting dropped n the floor by others.

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  10. WOW…6 feet when you flush the toilet! That alone makes me want to run, not walk, to get these babies.

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  11. So convenient! Great price point. I always lose the plastic ones, lol.

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