…the Best Tool for Buying A Car! has all the information you need to buy a car!

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This one’s mine (lol)! can help you find the car of your dreams.

Buying a car can be a stressful and overwhelming event. The key to an easy stress free experience is knowledge. Knowledge is power! Remember that old commercial with the tag line “an educated consumer is the best consumer?”  That’s true especially when buying a new or used car. It’s crucial to know your trade-in value, what the new car should cost and reviews/ratings before you visit a dealership. gives you all of that information and more right at your fingertips. A knowledgeable car buyer always gets the best deal. is a wealth of information designed to help you choose the right car for your needs.  The site is filled with tools, resources and honest reviews of the latest car models.

Here are our favorite tools…

  • My Car Value Estimator Tool Know before you go!  Sales people have a singular goal and that’s to sell a car and earn a commission. They are there for the dealership and is here for you! has the ‘my car value estimator’ that gives you the real deal value of your trade.  Answer a few questions and instantly find out your cars’ true Kelly Blue Book value. Once you’re armed with this information you can make sure you receive the true dollar  value of your trade-in.  My family swears by this tool.  I used it when buying my new car recently and made sure I got the best deal for my trade-in. It was on the money.
  • Trusty Payment Calculator!  How much is my monthly payment again?! Surprises in the finance office are never a good thing. has a trusty payment calculator so you’ll know exactly how much your new car will cost each month.  This helps you budget correctly and can also help you decide if you need to wait and save more money for the down payment or pick a totally different model with fewer options.
Cars today have amazing features.

Do I really need touchscreen navigation?

  • Fair-Price Estimates tool! This tool is definitely one of my favorite features on the website. partnered with ‘RepairPal’ to bring car owners fair-priced repair estimates and certified local repair centers. This ensures that you’ll never be overcharged for a repair again!   I once had a mechanic tell me every repair I needed was $400.  “To replace your tail light Ms. Fuller is $400 (lol).”  You can even connect through the tool/website with a repair center that will honor the fair-price estimate. #Winning I love the convenience and honesty of this tool.

Before you buy your next daily commuter car or family road trip vehicle, visit and get all the necessary information to ensure you get a fabulous deal.

Are you in the market for a new car? What models are you considering?

See you on the road!

By The Travelin Diva ~ Kirstin N. Fuller


**All images taken by Kirstin N. Fuller.**

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  1. These are great tools! I’m hoping that we will be able to get a second car for me soon. We won’t have a trade in so being able to read reviews will be great.

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  2. This is right on time! I’m looking for another car currently and I will definitely be using

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  3. is awesome when you are looking for a car…literally has everything you need in one place!!

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  4. We’ve used before. We were able to find a car for my sister and then go purchase it. I’d totally recommend it too. 🙂

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