Pack These Chic Travel Essentials!

A few chic travel essentials can make your trip fabulous & stress-free!

I have a love-hate relationship with traveling. I love to visit new places and explore new things (especially food) but I’m not a fan of bumpy flights, lengthy layovers, long car rides, etc. Any who, spring and summer are prime travel times for my family and I; we survived drove to and from Alanta last summer and are planning some long weekends and *fingers crossed* island getaways for this summer. When it comes to travel, I’m like Santa: I’m making a list, and checking it twice (hehehe, my corny jokes really amuse me).  Here are my favorite travel essentials…

In the event that you like to over prepare too, here are some things that I won’t leave home without:

travel essentials

Fab Sunglasses aka Glam Sunnies are our #1 Travel Essentials!

  1. Glam Sunnies: When you have a 6am flight or are gonna be sitting in the car for like, ever and have no time or desire to apply makeup, a pair of fly sunnies can hide the fact that you’re running on 3 hours of sleep and not enough coffee. Besides protecting your peepers, a pair of oversized shades can also hide unkempt eyebrows. #Winning
  2. A fab scarf or wrap: Scarves are a Travelin’ Divas best friend. Whether you wear it on your head turban style, use it as a light blanket during a chilly flight, or to cover your bum by the pool, the options are endless.  Check out one of our favorites the SHOLDIT scarf.  It’s a Travelin’ Divas dream!
  3. Maxi skirts/dresses: Let’s face it, maxi skirts are just socially acceptable leggings/yoga pants. Whether skirt or dress, you can throw it on and be dressed (please wear a top with the skirt though lol). If you grab one in a wrinkle resistant fabric like jersey you’ll avoid looking like you pulled it out of the hamper.
  4. Fancy Footwear: I’m definitely a fan of comfort while traveling but a girl’s gotta look good! A cute pair of flats works for just about everything, but if you wanna give yourself a lift try some chic & comfy wedge sneakers (which are apparently still a thing).
  5. Fab tech: On top of the obvious tech items like my cell phone and iPad, I always travel with a pair of dope headphones. My favorites are these rose gold beauties from my friends at Monster. Not only can I listen to my fave music and tune out the outside noise, the universal cord let’s me take a phone call without skipping a beat.
  6. Power bank: Gotta keep all that techie goodness charged up right? If you don’t wanna be a wall hugger or car outlet hog, don’t leave home without some extra juice. My tech loving momma hooked me up with the Halo Portable Phone & Tablet Charger.
  7. A roomy tote: No matter how I’m traveling, there are always things that I want to keep within arm’s reach, so I upgrade my usual purse to a larger tote. This way, I have all of my important stuff like ID and cash and I avoid having to search through luggage and other bags for things like books and snacks.
  8. Travel sized goodies: Don’t let TSA restrictions kill your vibe! Travel size toiletries are a must when flying cuz ain’t nobody got time to get held up in airport security. Even when the itinerary doesn’t include air travel, packing smaller containers of favorite products is still a good idea.
  9. Travel pillow & eye mask: Basically, I’m going to sleep. Wake me when we get there. *note, I no longer sleep on long car rides when Hubs is driving. Because anxiety.* Also on the subject of sleep, I always pack lavender essential oil. A few drops on the hotel pillow will help you drift off into a sweet smelling sleep.
  10. Wardrobe Cluster: You knew that was coming right? Seriously, the only way to pack for a trip and keep your sanity is to plan ahead and put together a cluster. A combo of four tops, four bottoms (max!), and two dresses will give you roughly 24 different looks AND fit nicely into a carry-on or weekend bag. #Boom

What things must be in your carry-on bag? 

By Te Espi aka The Style Medic 

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Author: T. Espinoza

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  1. Love the wardrobe cluster tip! I will use that one on my next adventure. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. My must haves include trial size everything like face wipes, cleanser and moisturizer. I can almost forget everything else but Chapstick as far as makeup 🙂

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  3. Since I have been traveling with just a carry on lately, I have had to master having a wardrobe cluster. My travel essential are very similar. Unless I am traveling somewhere my tote is usually a lightweight bookbag.

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  4. I so approve of this list. My sunnies are my favorite warm weather accessory. They can add funk to any style.

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  5. I lobe maxi’s. They are essential when traveling.

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  6. Have to have some lip balm, and my phone. But definitely packing everything you mentioned too!

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  7. Let me print this list since we are heading out of town in a few weeks. And I am heading to a conference in May. Thank you.

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  8. Now, I have to go find the wardrobe cluster post but almost all of these are on my list as well. I don’t have a pair of glam sunnies though and I really need to get those.

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  9. These are great tips! I travel overseas pretty often, so I’m all about all of these!

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  10. You know, I would totally forget my sunglasses. That’s a necessity for sure!

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  11. This is a great list! I am the kind of person that always forgets to pack something cute, dressy enough, etc. I’ll keep this on hand for the next trip!

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  12. My travel essential is a scarf. I love scarves. They can be work around your shoulders, neck, or head. They can even double as a head band or waist wrap.

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  13. Maxi dresses and s roomy tote are key! I won’t go anywhere without the two!

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  14. This is a great list. One of my number one must haves is a great book. I love my technology but sometimes a great hard back or paper back is needed.

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