Fab DIY Travel Hack…Mini Medicine Cabinet!

DIY Travel Hack…Mini Travel Medicine Cabinet! #PackThis #PreparedTraveler

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest and when I saw this travel hack I just had to try and recreate it and share with you…my favorite travelers.  As we get older we rely on more and more over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to combat minor aches and pains.  When I travel, I pack all those little bottles in a quart size Ziploc bag.  It’s tedious and cumbersome.  I used to always think people were staring at me thinking I was a hypochondriac or something when I pulled my bag out(lol).  Thanks to this fabulous DIY travel hack that’s a thing of the past.

This mini travel medicine cabinet will keep all of our favorite OTC medicines readily available and organized.  Once you gather all of your supplies, this DIY travel hack will take (at the most) 15 minutes to make .

You’ll Need These Supplies….

travel hack

This travel hack only takes a few supplies and costs $2 to make!

  • XL Pill Planner – You can purchase these at your favorite pharmacy or big box stores like CVS, Target or Walmart. I picked up this one at my local Shoppers Food Warehouse for $2.  It comes in a variety of colors and is very sturdy.   The compartments also seem to stay closed and not open easily which is a plus for traveling.  You’ll also need one that has smooth surfaces on top.
  • Medicine labels – You can make the labels one of two ways. You can google images of your favorite OTC medicines then copy the images into a word document and print them on a color laser printer. After you’ve copied your images to a word document, reduce them to a size that will fit the top of each compartment.  I didn’t measure, I just guessed while looking at the pill planner.  You can also cut the original packaging and use them as labels.  In the essence of time I printed my labels.
  • Tape & scissors – You probably have these in your house already. Make sure the tape is the shiny scotch tape.  It will make the labels look smooth and lay flat.

Quick DIY travel hack!

Once you have all of your supplies, just cut your labels out to fit the tops and tape one over each day of the week.  That’s it, it’s really that easy!  When you’re ready to travel, fill’er up! (lol)  If you’re going to fill and leave in your luggage, just remember to restock after each trip.

Cute & quick DIY and travel hack!

I love that my DIY mini travel medicine cabinet takes up very little space in my carry-on bag and it’s so cute! (lol) You can share one with your spouse or better yet make one for him with his favorite OTC meds.  It’s so quick and easy you can make one for your kids filled with the meds they may need on vacation.  Make one for your parents too!  They’ll love you for it!  Trust me no one wants to travel with 15 bottles of medicine in a ziploc bag.  (lol)

It’s always better to have the medicines you use on hand and not need them, than to need them and have to buy them on vacation.   No more worries, you’ll have your personal favorites with you and not have to substitute if the hotel gift shop doesn’t have the one you like. Prepared travelers are happy travelers! #PreparedTraveler

What do you think? Would the mini travel medicine cabinet work for you and your family?

Be Happy.  Be Fabulous.  Be Well Traveled.

By The Travelin Diva ~ Kirstin N. Fuller

Author: The Travelin Diva

Self proclaimed 'Travelin Diva,' Kirstin is a DC native and graduate of Howard University! Pursuing her dreams in 2007, Kirstin launched the travel magazine Reservations Travel Guide which led her to start the fabulous travel blog www.Passenger156.com to showcase the latest travel news, innovative travel products and the worlds' hottest destinations and deals. Be Happy. Be Fabulous. Be Well Traveled.

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  1. Yes, I need this for my family, especially my husband. He is always getting a headache or hurt when we travel. I’ll make sure to make this the next time we go out of town.

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  2. This would definitely work for me and my family…I carry a ton of medicine daily (I’m known as the medicine queen) so this would definitely work and be more convenient for traveling times.

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  3. This seems like something my mother NEEDS in her life! She loves to travel and she has tons of medicines! I’ll be sure to share this with her

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  4. GREAT IDEA!!! I feel like anyone can use this…its perfect no matter if its medicine or daily vitamins! Im going to have to pin this so I can refer back to it!

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  5. Now this is a nifty way to keep your meds organized. Good job on this one!

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  6. Love this! I’m a frequent traveler too and also a zip lock bag carrier for all of the medications I think I might need. LOL I’m definitely down to try and recreate this before my next trip.

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  7. I will share this with my mom. She always is carrying a medicine cabinet with her.

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  8. This is a great idea, I only need a smaller version but I love it. I drag around allergy medicine (2 different kind) and I love to keep headache medicine on hand.

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  9. This is a great idea, especially if you travel often. I was thinking to myself they need travel sized kids medicine. Now my gears are churning.

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    • Thank you! If I find a smaller version (maybe a 3 unit one) that you could use for kids, I’ll share it asap!

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  10. OMG I will definitely be making this. We always have to end up getting meds for something, or we can’t identify what pill is what LOL

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