Holiday Travel Tips!

Travel stress free with these holiday travel tips!

Travel stress free with these holiday tips!

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year and it’s also the busiest travel season.  We get to shop, eat yummy holiday inspired food and spend time with family and friends.  To do this most of us have to travel, so here are a few holiday travel tips to help you navigate this busy travel season.

Get to the airport, train or bus station earlier than normal.  Lines will be super long especially at security checkpoints.  Arrive early to ensure that you’ll get through and make your flight on time.

Traveling with gifts?  I strongly suggest you ship them ahead or shop when you get to your destination.  If you must travel with gifts, travel with them unwrapped.  It’s easier to get through security with unwrapped gifts.  Nine times out of ten, TSA will unwrap your beautifully wrapped gifts just because (lol).  Avoid it altogether and travel with them unwrapped.  Click here for TSA’s rules and travel tips.

Watch this informative TSA video for more holiday travel tips…

It’s hilarious to me that I can pack a whole turkey in my carry-on bag but I have to check my jelly!  (lol)

Pack light and roll with a carry-on bag!  We should be doing this anyway especially during the holidays.  Airports are crowded and baggage carousels are even more crowded.  Professional thieves thrive during this time of the year and they love baggage carousels.  Keep your eye on your Louis Vuitton luggage by keeping it with you! (lol)

Electronics tip:  tape a business card (in 2 places) on your laptop/tablet.  In the weird chance that you leave it behind at a TSA checkpoint they can contact you immediately to return it, hopefully before your flight leaves.  BTW did you know that airports sell unclaimed electronics.  I’m so heading to the 2 closest to me after the holidays to see if I can score a new laptop.

Our most important tip is to always pack your patience when traveling during the holiday season.  You and your fellow travelers are trying to achieve the same goal, to get home in time to celebrate with family.  So pack a little patience and forgiveness and just overlook that last minute gate drama queen or king.  Also, show a little patience and kindness to airport staff, they’re sacrificing time with their families to work and make sure our travels go smoothly.

Pack a few TSA approved size snacks so you won’t have to wait in those long food lines at your gate.

What’s your number one tip for surviving the holiday travel season?

Happy Holidays!

By Kirstin N. Fuller ~ The Travelin Diva

Author: The Travelin Diva

Self proclaimed 'Travelin Diva,' Kirstin is a DC native and graduate of Howard University! Pursuing her dreams in 2007, Kirstin launched the travel magazine Reservations Travel Guide which led her to start the fabulous travel blog to showcase the latest travel news, innovative travel products and the worlds' hottest destinations and deals. Be Happy. Be Fabulous. Be Well Traveled.

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  1. I cant imagine traveling with gifts these days! I always send stuff like that ahead because I don’t want them to take it at the gate!

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  2. I have seen s many people leave their laptops behind. That is a great tip!

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  3. When I can, I try to travel before and after the crowds. I don’t check bags unless I absolutely have to, I have mastered the art of rolling. And then I get my gifts when I get there. I actually am already home for the holidays. My travel was fairly easy.

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  4. These are all great tips, Kirstin! I always pack my patience. You just don’t know what folks are going through. When traveling during major holidays, we try to leave a few days early if possible. If we have to travel on the busiest days, we make sure that we’re flexible. P.S. I had no idea that airports sold unclaimed electronics!

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    • Thanks Michelle! I try to pack my patience everyday but sometimes…lol I’m so going to find out if my local airport sales them and head right over. I need a newer laptop asap! lol

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  5. I never thought about people traveling with gifts. OMG, that is a damn headache. I would ship them in advance for sure. We don’t usually travel for Christmas.

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  6. I love reading your tips each week. While I don’t travel much currently I sure plan to and you’re going to make me a pro yet. While I do normally take gifts with me when I drive I wouldn’t other wise, too much hassle.

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  7. I always leave your site with something genius! Today it was taping a business card to your laptop! Yaasssss!

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  8. Great tips. I always have my business card inside my luggage and outside as well. I don’t travel for the holidays but shipping gifts ahead is an excellent idea.

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  9. Great tips as always! I have never travelled during the holidays. I think it will be too crazy, but next year I think we may. I can use these tips then.

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  10. I love the idea of shipping gifts! If I were traveling during the holidays this is one tips I would definitely use! I’ve seen too many things left at the airport or the airport lose your items!

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  11. I had no idea that airports sold unclaimed electronics!! This is awesome info. I try to avoid travelling by plane during the holidays.

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  12. My number one tip is to stay put! Lol. There’s nothing like being home for the holidays to me.

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