Don’t Pack Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Sad but true!

Current Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Current Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Today the FAA issued an advisory to all air travelers…do not pack your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in your checked luggage!  There have been 35 reported incidents of Samsung’s popular new phone exploding or catching on fire.  A Tampa, Florida couple left their phone charging in their Jeep and it exploded and set the Jeep on fire right in their driveway.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission also warned consumers to power down the ‘Note 7’ immediately and stop using/charging the devices. After the electronics giant issued a recall (on 9/2/16) of the 2.5 million phones which originally sold for $850 each, the FAA went a few steps further by issuing an advisory to all air travelers who own the device.

The FAA advises air travelers to…

  • Keep your phones turned off onboard planes.
  • Do NOT charge your phones while in flight.
  • Don’t store your phone in a checked piece of luggage.

Please view this informational video…

According to the FAA, it’s extremely hard to extinguish a lithium battery fire on an airplane which can lead to devastating consequences.  Samsung has created a product exchange program for all ‘Note 7’ owners and are working with carriers to replace the devices in the next few weeks.  Click here for more information. Call your service provider to see if they are offering loaner phones until your replacement arrives.  Also ask if they will give you a ‘go-phone/pay as you go phone’ with free minutes until your replacement arrives.  Remember, you the consumer should not be inconvenienced by this recall.

The FAA is also considering banning the device from all flights.  We will bring you that news when or if it happens.  In the meantime, leave your phone off in a fire proof safe somewhere.

Do you think the FAA should ban the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on airplanes until the issue is resolved?

Stay safe!

Be Happy.  Be Fabulous.  Be Well Traveled.

By The Travelin Diva ~ Kirstin N. Fuller

Image from Samsung website under the license below…

Author: The Travelin Diva

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  1. Heck yeah, they should ban it. If it’s recalled for possibly catching fire, then, why wouldn’t they?

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    • Right. For some odd reason they haven’t yet and you know someone is going to sneak one onboard a plane.

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  2. Wow, that is so crazy that a phone can do that!!! That’s why I’m team iphone! Lol!

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    • Me too Kasi! I was so tempted to switch to this phone back in May but I am glad I stuck with my good old reliable iPhone SE!

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  3. I heard about that! It’s crazy because before I switched over to all Apple everything last year, I have had every Note that samsung has made. I am so glad I got off that boat before it burned…lol.

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  4. I saw something about this yesterday on the news but missed it as it was at the end. Thank you for posting

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  5. My husband was just telling me about this! I was just considering purchasing this phone, but now? Yeah, no thanks.

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  6. This is why I’m an iPhone girl. lol. But I do think it’s worth the FAA baning the phones until there’s a resolution.

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  7. Samsung had these problems before. I remember seeing a teenage girl get burned after she left the phone under her pillow. Stories like these are so scary; especially because we are all dependent on our cellphones.

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  8. My husband has one and was told to keep it turned off the whole flight duration. Loving the phone, but they have to fix this issue. Lol

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  9. This is crazy, iPhone has had a few fire issues with their phones. Not enough to cause a recall though.

    The thought of my phone on fire is crazy to me.

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  10. I got an alert from Caribbean Airlines about this. That’s so crazy. Hope they’re able to provide a quick solution for this.

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  11. This is horrifying, I wonder if there will be a class action lawsuit I also wonder how they are going to compensate the owner of the Jeep?

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  12. Yikes! I Was reading about this the other night. This is just insane.

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